Navigantcu Running Festival

Navigantcu Running Festival

Do you take running seriously?

If you were thinking of getting a treadmill for your home, you might not have realised how much trouble it can be. Instead, it is generally much easier to just join a gym.
A good gym will have the most expensive treadmills around, with all the extra luxury features there for you to take advantage of. They won’t be limited on space either, meaning that they can have the models that are big enough to run on comfortably without having to worry about straying a little from side to side.

If you take your running seriously, and will be doing some of your training using a treadmill, another advantage gyms have over home treadmills is that they can provide qualified instructors who know what they’re doing. They can set up the treadmill so it closely mirrors the conditions you’re going to be running in, and advise you on how much to run so you don’t strain any of your muscles. At home, you would just have to figure these things out for yourself.

Whether you are using a treadmill to get fit or training to be a runner, the social side of going to the gym is not to be underestimated. As everyone there is working towards the same goals – exercise and fitness – and has it as an interest in common, you can make good friends and motivate each other to try harder and not give up. Seeing the people who have been coming to the gym for a long time is a big part of going there, as it lets you see the results of what you’re doing long before you’ve achieved them for yourself. It’s all about motivation – and after all, if you’re just sitting at home, and the sofa is right there next to your treadmill, who’s going to motivate you to keep going?


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